Make your own OS in 30 days – day9: Memory management

Day9 manages memory by holding a list of free blocks.

#define MEMMAN_FREES		4090
#define MEMMAN_ADDR			0x003c0000

struct FREEINFO {
	unsigned int addr, size;

struct MEMMAN {
	int frees, maxfrees, lostsize, losts;

unsigned int memman_alloc(struct MEMMAN *man, unsigned int size);
int memman_free(struct MEMMAN *man, unsigned int addr, unsigned int size);

// and use it like this
struct MEMMAN *memman = (struct MEMMAN *) MEMMAN_ADDR;

// get total memory
memtotal = memtest(0x00400000, 0xbfffffff);
// 0 init ... there is no free area at this time
// 'add' the following blocks into free list
memman_free(memman, 0x00400000, memtotal - 0x00400000); // 32MB-0x4000000 = 
// allocate it
char *hoge = (char *)memman_alloc(memman, 4 * 1024 * 1024);

After allocating 4MB on 32MB machine.

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