To improve Time Warner cable Internet network stability

I had no choice but to user Time Warner Internet in the old apartment. After some other initial troubles, finally I got the expected speed for the ‘extreme’ plan which is 30Mbps/5Mbps for download/upload. The slow speed is acceptable, but it had another annoying problem. The connection was intermittently closed.

Yesterday, I finally found that the problem was in NAT feature on the cable modem UBee. I disabled it and changed it to ‘bridge’ mode which resolved the problem. But the problem is, the modem is locked by Time Warner.

Here is how to get around it.

Bridging the UBee DDW3611 Without Permission

  1. Factory reset to enable a regular user ‘user’
  2. Logon to the modem at a hidden URL as user/password = user/user. The ‘user’ user is a non admin user, but once you get the URL and go, you can update the modem. The last 8digit of MAC -> Username, c0nf1gur3m3 -> Password didn’t work for me.
  3. Change it from NAT to Bridge mode
  4. Disable unstable Wifi if you want
  5. Reboot the cable modem
  6. The management URL will be changed to in the Bridge mode

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