Draw pixels

Got VRAM frame buffer address from Video Core via MailBox protocol and drew 1920×1080 pixels. I found it’s very slow ~3-5 fps.
Then I changed it to 640×480 which made it faster but not 60fps.
I’ll need to initialize interrupts & use timer and add fonts to show FPS tomorrrow.

Buffer address specified by MailBox’s property-tag protocol should be 16 byte aligned since the least 4 bits are used to specify tag (7 for ARM to VC, 8 for VC to ARM) like this.

struct FramebufferRequest {
  uint32_t size;
  uint32_t bufferRequestResponseCode;

  // Set_Physical_Display
  uint32_t tag_setPd;
  uint32_t size_setPd;
  uint32_t rr_setPd;
  uint32_t width_setPd;
  uint32_t height_setPd;
} fbRequest __attribute__((aligned(16)));

Today’s code: https://github.com/sokoide/rpi-baremetal -> 003_screen.


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