WFI and timer change

Before implementing context switch, I wanted to improve interrupt handling and better timer.
I was using busy loop to check messages from interrupt. First, I used WFI ARM instruction to wait (sleep) until interrupted.

.global _wfi
  bx lr

while (true) {
  if (StatusFifo8(&fifoTimer) == 0) {
  } else {
    unsigned char data = GetFifo8(&fifoTimer);

And I used FIFO8 used in Haribote OS (32bit tiny OS for x86).

Then quickly wrote dirty timer handling which supports up to MAX_TIMER (currently 512). It’s not using a list but an array and not efficient -> TODO.

#define MAX_TIMER 512
typedef struct _TIMER {
  unsigned int timeout;
  unsigned char data;

typedef struct _TIMERCTL {
  unsigned int counter, next;
  unsigned int length;  // number of used timers
  FIFO8 *fifo;

extern TIMERCTL timerctl;

void InitTimer(FIFO8 *fifo);
TIMER *SetTimer(TIMER *timer, unsigned int timeout, unsigned char data);

One more improvement. I bought a USB power cable with a switch! I don’t need to plug-in/out to reboot my code anymore 🙂

Today’s code -> -> 007_wfi.

USB power cable with switch.

3 timers whose intervals are 100ms, 500ms and 1s each.

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